We connect single travelers with each other

With just under 50% of adults in America being single, there's no doubt that trends are changing. SoloMateTravel.com recognizes that just because you're single, it doesn't mean you want to be alone. Our services approach travel for singles in a new way. We connect single travelers with each other. In other words, you save money and you don't have to travel alone.

Before you travel, we will do our best to match you with a travel companion that suits you best. If you are a morning person, we'll match you with someone that is early to rise. If you love to stay up all night and enjoy the nightlife, we can match you with a companion that likes to do the same. This ensures that everyone has a good time. When we connect people with others that share the same attitudes, we are doing our job right. We take great pride in what we do and our single travel friends keep returning again and again

SoloMate Travel